Top 50 HR Round Interview Questions And Answers you should know

Jitters, jitters. It is a day before the interview and there are butterflies in your stomach running amok already.

Be calm and up the ante on your confidence and talents, skills too. You have waited for this opportunity, this job and this designation for long, and now you have to crack that major part of the interview- facing the human resources team.

How well will you fare, depends upon how you present yourself, the choice of words used when answering your questions, and most importantly, thinking out of the box and being honest.

The last point is very important. Human resource personnel cannot be fooled, so if you are unsure about an answer or the question asked, ask for a rephrase or just be plain honest and let them know.

Honesty goes a long way in the HR rounds while the interview is on. However, stop, think and respond aptly, to score more brownie points when answering HR round interview questions. Here are a couple of frequently asked HR round related question and answers; go through them and prepare better. Good luck!



1. HR(Human Resource): Tell me about yourself?

This is a question asked right at the beginning of your interview.

Here is your sample answer –
You: I am John Doe, a mass communication graduate from SXC. I like to use my knowledge as a literature student in bringing creative writing to the table, at its best.

When not at work, I spend my time volunteering with ABC NGO, which gives me the chance to teach kids from the lower strata of society, and coach them in English literature and grammar.

Apart from that, I have an interest in writing poems, blogging, travelling and am a member of the XXX group, pertaining to travel and food, through which I blog and explore my writing skills more.

2. HR: Why do you want to work in this company?

You: I have gone through the history and the achievements of our company, and have seen how well-versed people are here with the latest trends in travel and food.

This is the kind of place that will help me explore my talents while I fit in and excel, and hence was thrilled to see this opening. Your company believes in putting facts first and superior knowledge out there, and the same values I share.

Hence I believe I make a good fit and would complement the team as well.

3. HR: Are you a successful candidate?

To answer this, one of the interview tips, we can give out here is not to be pompous but at the same time, be humble and state why you are successful as an individual.

Your sample answer here would be-
You: Continuous progress is what excites me the most and when I am given a chance to use new out of the box thoughts and ideas, and bring it to fruition, I consider myself successful. Success in my definition is what I have learned so far, and how to use them to the best of my abilities.

I have learned how to set goals, how to work best under pressure and have also learned how to work on new subjects and terms too.

4. HR: How open are you to travelling?

You: I love traveling and meeting new people, seeing new places, and this would be a great way to build contacts and explore ideas too.

5. HR: What are your salary expectations?

You: At the moment, salary is what I have not given much a thought about. What I have in mind more now is to learn the needs for the said position I am being interviewed for, and salary would be as per the company’s standards.

6. HR: Name your strengths & weakness?

You: Motivation is what has brought me to this point in life, and until I complete what I embark upon, I do not stop. I am punctual and value someone else’s time. I am strict about using company’s resources the right way. My aim is to not be a liability, but an asset. Time and again, I attend seminars and workshops on my own to enhance my knowledge and skills, and that is how I work on my areas of improvement too.

7. HR: What motivates you?

You: Delivering the high performance way, and working smart and hard are what motivates me. Recognition of my efforts gives me more impetus to do better for the next assignment in hand.

8. HR: Do you have a concept of a dream job?

You: A job that keeps me busy at all times at work, where I get to be a contributor to a company’s success, is my dream job.

9. HR: The reason for leaving your last job?

You: The reason I left my last job for better growth opportunities and to excel more in what I am best at.

10. HR: Tell us something about the experience you have in this field?

This is where you would mention a few achievements of the past, your experience with the previous job, the clients you dealt with and more.

11. HR: How well do your co-workers know you?

You: My co-workers are my team. They never shirk from telling me about my areas of improvement if any, for a certain assignment, or tell me how good I was when it comes to dealing with specific tasks. We work as a team!

12. HR: Why should we hire you?

You: Mass Communication is a subject I chose while studying for my degree at SXC. The course has prepped me up for this particular post in communicating, creative writing and understanding the needs of the reader. In addition to that, working with the LMN company in the past gave me the platform to master the skills of travel and food writing, which is much needed for the position I am being interviewed for today. It is like I have prepared all my life to come and land this job today.

13. HR: Are you good working in a team?

You: For sure I am a good team player, as much as I am confident of working solo as well with minimal supervision. Whatever the task be which is assigned to me, I ensure that I meet it with zeal and exceed expectations to the best of my ability. If need be, I shall also reach out to the team and seek help.

14. HR: What is your work ethic and philosophy?

You have to be very to the point here, and this would be one of the best hr interview tips especially freshers should understand.
You: To do the task as given, in the right time and the right manner

15. HR: Have you made mistakes on the job and what have you learned from it?

You: Without proper coordination with the team, even the minutest of tasks could be mammoth like, is what I have learned in my initial days of working. From then on, I ensured that I took every detail and coordinated well, before starting any assignment.

16. HR: How best would you describe your sense of management?

This is one of the most important HR round interview questions they will ask.
You: Flexibility and promptness is what drives my management style. I ensure goals are met, I do my homework religiously and plan to the smallest detail as well. I am strict when it comes to timing though, but I do keep room for any sort of emergencies and contingencies that are not in our hands.

17. HR: Are you willing to work non-working hours, nights especially?

You: There would be a good reason enough for me to understand why I am being asked to work non-working hours or late nights, and if it brings in more to the table, I am okay with it.

18. HR: What if you do not get this job?

One of the tips for freshers and experienced people alike would be not to be pompous and claim that this job is yours already. Just be honest and do not show disappointment.
You: I hope quite much that I will be fit for this job and hired too, but if not, I would move on and look for another job.

19. HR: What have you done to upgrade your knowledge in the last six months?

You: I have attended workshops and seminars organized by esteemed writers, bloggers and learned self-improvement and how to manage time as well. Personality development seminars too along with training workshops have helped me hone my skills from time to time.

20. HR: How do you think you would be an asset for us?

You: My creative writing skills till date have been outstanding, and I have earned a lot of accolades for the same. I have been certified as one of the best creative and content writers too, and pressure is what I can handle with ease, sans too much supervision.

21. HR: In case you are hired, how long do you expect to be with us?

You: for a very long time and as much as possible, I would like to stick with the company, grow and learn more as long as I am an asset which the company sees me as, I am here to stay.

22. HR: How do you best tackle deadlines and pressure?

You: I do understand the nature of the job and the kind of pressure it can bring at times, which I am applying for quite well and in my full senses. It does not discourage me to be under pressure, rather it motivates me to be better.

23. HR: Tell us about a problem you had with a co-worker or a manager in the past?

This is where you should NOT SPEAK ANYTHING NEGATIVE, when such personal interview questions are asked.
You: At the moment, I am sorry I cannot recall such an instance I have had with anyone in the past.

24. HR: What makes you think you would excel at this job?

You: This is the job I love, and I am confident about my ability to give my best and deliver the best, with the backing of my experience all these years.

25. HR: What annoys you about teammates and co-workers?

You: I am sorry, I cannot recall anything as such. I get along fine with everyone, and I am very open-minded and willing to consider thoughts and opinions too.

26. HR: Do your skills match this job?

You: For this job, my skill are perfect and match apt.

27. HR: What are the disappointments you have encountered in your last job?

You: In my last job, I was expecting a bigger challenge for the travel blog, but that got shelved by the end client- that was a tad bit disappointing.

28. HR: What would you look for in someone to hire for this position?

You: The right skills do the task given and the right attitude to sail him through.

29. HR: How do you fit in a team?

Be smart when answering such HR round interview questions
You: I am a versatile worker and work with one and all as a part of the team. I can be an acting leader when need be, or an assistant to the leader, a messenger for the team or a secretary to the bosses above, and all of these roles help me understand how to take on the roll of the other when need be and in time to come.

30. HR: What sort of sacrifices for this company are you willing to make?

You: To the best of my ability, I would be willing to do what can be done. My personal matters are mine alone, and the management shall not be disturbed for the same.

31. HR: What qualities do you look for in a boss?

You: Someone who can relate easily with me, is a firm decision maker and a transparent worker, with a sense of humor too.

32.Are you applying elsewhere too?

You: Yes I have, but above all and since I have dreamed about landing a job here, I hope this job is mine.

33. HR: Do you have friends or ex co-workers from your previous company, working here?


34. HR: Where did you see this job posting?

You: I found your ad (mention source).

35. HR: Why should we hire you, a fresher?

You: I learn quick and am open to new learning’s and challenges, at the soonest.

36. HR: Name a job experience that you hated?

Do not be negative when answering such HR round interview questions
You: Not exactly hated, but there was a job that I did in the initial days which did not give me the opportunity to grow or learn more, and hence I had to put down my papers.

37. HR: What would your previous boss say is your strong point(s)?

You: A quick learner, and very hardworking.

38. HR: What changes or suggestions have you made in your previous job that were considered?

You: I suggested to have more research work and meetings on a regular basis to brain storm about the tasks in hand, rather than quarterly meetings that just overload the mind. The management took note of this and I was even praised for the suggestion.

39. HR: Liked or feared by everyone- your take on it?

You: To be respected is to be liked by all, and that is what I aim to secure.

40. HR: How do you cope with stress?

You: Stop, pause and then wait for a few minutes. It helps me recharge my batteries and to manage stress, without compromising on my productivity level.


41. HR: Money or job satisfaction- what is more important?

This is one of the most important HR round interview questions they would ask
You: Money comes and money goes, job satisfaction is forever. Money may full the needs I have personally, but professionally it is the liking of the job that matters the most. The latter helps me stay productive!

42. HR: How would you describe your work ethics?

You: To give the best in everything I lay my hands on or given to me, or do not do it if I am unsure about it, at all.

43. HR: The biggest challenge with your previous manager?

You: I would not say it was tough working with him, but it is because of that big challenge that I learned the sense of punctuality and it only made me better at being more productive and timely that too.

44. HR: How much as part of a team do you enjoy working?

You: I get to be a contributor and a supporter when I am working as a part of a team, and I enjoy the support and best practice sharing I learn from as well. So yes, I enjoy being a part of the team.

45. HR: Why should we hire you?

You: I have faith in my abilities, skills and talents, and the three combined would bring in more productivity to the table and in contributing to the excellence of the company. I work smart and hard, and am a reliable individual as well.

46. HR: Have you been annoyed or irritated with co-workers of the past?

You: Not exactly irritated, but if someone is negative or too hard to work with, I sit and talk things over with him or her and come to a solution amicably. I always try my best to stay as calm and positive as ever, and I am transparent with everyone around.

47. HR: Do you have any questions for me?

Do not hesitate answering such HR round interview questions
You: What would be the next steps for me to follow, once this interview is done. And also if you could give me more details about the job I have been interviewed for.

48. HR: How soon can you join?


49. HR: Do you have any bonds signed with the previous company? Any dues, legal issues?


50. HR: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This is a popular interview question and here is a sample answer-
You: In five years, I see myself growing with the team. I also see myself bringing in new challenges and more productivity to the table, which would be at par the best for the company’s ideals. This is a position that I find very motivating, and it excites me already. I know there are challenges ahead, and I am ready to experience them all. Hence, I am ready to give my best shot and put my best foot forward for the next five years, should I be selected for this job.

We hope this mini guide on the many questions asked by human resources gives you a fair idea on how to pass an interview.
Good luck and all the best for your HR Round.

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