[Infographic] 7 secrets on how to pass an interview with flying colors (5th is best)

Let’s get straight to the point…

In this post you will know  7 little known secrets on how to pass an interview with ease.

I understand it can get daunting to pass an interview. It is like selling yourself.

We hate selling.

However, passing in an interview does not have to be that complex.

What if you can pass an interview with flying colors without faking yourself? Wouldn’t it will boost you if you know exactly what to do in an interview?

And the good news is  I will give you 7 secrets on how to pass an interview which will get you job you desire. 

These secrets are advance interview tips that will skyrocket your chances of being selected for the interview.

The best thing?  These secrets are curated from the 100s of interview tips and you can start using it instantly.

Moreover, the good news is these seven secrets on how to pass an interview just works in any job interview.

Whether you are applying for banks jobs, freelancing job or corporate jobs.

If you love practical strategies then you will love this infographic,


how to pass an interview infographics contain interview tips

Here’s more detailed information about 7 secrets on how to pass an interview infographic

Secret #1: While answering current question, always try to end by answering upcoming questions

It’s the big secret. Whenever an interviewer asks you a question, always try to think ahead that what other question he may be having or have. Then answer that question while explaining the current one.

For example, If the interviewer asks “Why are you leaving or have left the previous company?” then another possible question interviewer may have is “why you want to join us?”. So while answering the asked question try to end up by answering another one.

This secret helps to leave great impression on the interviewer. It shows that you have great instinct.

Pro Tip: While preparing for interview put yourself on shoes of the interviewer and think what question you might ask the interviewee for the given role. Be ready with those answers. Click To Tweet

Secret #2 Learn all the important information about the company

Every interviewer wants to know that you are serious about joining their company.

And what is the best way to show it by letting the interviewer know you have researched about the company?

This secret accomplishes three things,

  • You show that you are serious about this job
  • Proves that you did your  research
  • It pleases the interviewer
  • It shows you are the responsible person.

You may be wondering…What to know about the company?

Good question, here are 3 things you should go through,

  • Year company founded
  • Founders
  • Current CEO

Using above points give the good brief answer to let the interviewer know you are  well researched.

Pro Tip: If interviewer did not ask this question then try to show you have researched about the company by adding something about the company in one of your answers.

Secret #3 Have 5 killer reasons with you on why you are good fit for the role

Ultimately Interviewer wants to know “how and why” you are the great fit for the role. Every question he asks to clarify his thought process on why you are the great fit and how you can be able to add value to the team.

So preparing 5 solid reasons will help you make your case clear.

In an interview try to add those points to your answers.

You do not have to wait for the right time. As soon as you get chance, add this points to your answer.

Emphasise on your reasons.

It helps interviewer know that you are good and can add immense value to the company.

Pro Tip: Always include one of those points in “Introduce yourself..” question.

Secret #4 Never answer in one or two sentences.

Whatever question interviewer asks, always try to give answers in long sentences. Never left any answers in half.

Long answers give interviewer chance to know more about you. You also provide the opportunity to ask further questions related to your answer.

Secret #4 combined with Secret #1 will boost up your rapport with the interviewer.

However, try to be authentic with your answers.Let your true personality get revealed. Don’t talk irrelevant things.

Pro Tip: In Interview, never stop your answer before 10 seconds and do not go longer than 30-45 seconds. Click To Tweet

Secret #5 If you are nervous then show it

Wooh, this may not be popular interview tips, but it just works.

This secret is especially excellent for beginners or someone with experience of fewer than 3 years.

If you are nervous, then confront it. It shows you have guts to face the situation as it is.

Being vulnerable will help you come across as the real person. The interviewer in fact will relate to you.

Such bold confrontation may remind him of his early days of career. He might get emotionally charged.

Also, when the interviewer emotionally connects to you, then nothing can stop you.

Pro Tip: if you are not nervous but stuck up in some questions then make some appropriate remarks on yourself like “Damn..I am messing this up”. Click To Tweet

Secret #6: Ask interviewer some unique questions

Ask interviewer some original questions. Come up with questions that will make him feel good.

The question can be as spontaneous as some rare art on their wall or awards that they have on a desk.

Choose wisely and be natural.

You do not want to get pushy or downgrade the interviewer.

Pro Tip: Do some nice observation of interviewer and room. Come up with the rare thing that may not be easily noticeable. Click To Tweet

Secret #7 Before leaving the room say “I really want this job.”

Once the interview is done, instead of saying cliche “thank you” say “I really want this job”.

Saying this sentence may come across as needy, but it sends the message to the interviewer that you are really serious about having this job.

In fact, this is the must one thing you should always say in a job interview. It is recommended by best-selling management author Suzy Welch on how to pass an interview.

That shows few things,

It shows you are courageous enough to admit this. It is the rare thing so the interviewer might remember you.

You also come across as sincere who are serious about having this job.

Plus the best thing is that you let the interviewer know that he has the control. Which ultimately shows your respect towards the interviewer.

Pro Tip: Implement this technique while doing the handshake. And maintain eye contact.

That is it.

Those are the 7 surprising secrets on how to pass an interview with flying colors.

These secrets will work for anyone in any job.

Moreover, always remember that interviewer is searching for the reason to hire you.

What’s next?

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